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About Us

It started with a vision and a love for fine ingredients. Founders, the Singer’s, began in the chocolate retail confectionery business, supplying hotels including the King Edward Hotel in Toronto, major retail packaged goods specialty shops such as United Cigar Stores and custom orders for the media Canadian giants Bell (CTV) and  Rogers (City TV)  with handmade confections

It was their passion for creativity and high-quality ingredients that led them down a different path. Now, they have developed a different kind of cookie by creating the world’s finest liquor-flavoured cookies that can be enjoyed by everyone. The development of the cookies took nearly a year. Fast-forward to today, Spirits Gourmet Liquor-Flavoured Shortbread Cookies have 9 sensational flavours are here! With over 25 years of experience the co-founders, along with their experienced bakers and staff, have created the best non-alcoholic specialty cookies in the world!  

Spirits cookies are prepared in small batches, which is an important point of careful distinction when working with shortbread cookies. The dedicated bakers create their cookies in home-style kitchens, where every detail, from the chocolate ganache to the sprinkles and size of each shortbread cookie is thoughtfully developed. It is that attention to quality, care and love that we hope you feel in every cookie bite you enjoy.

Spirits Cookies bring you an original
one-of-a-kind experience through cookies that taste like no other.  Savour the flavours.

The Spirits-Cookies Vision

To provide the highest quality and best tasting products available to the world through the use of innovation and the highest standards of production, using the best ingredients available and working
closely with the highest ranked retailers today. 

The Spirits-Cookies Mission  

The main goal of the Spirits Cookies team is to provide a superior product that meets the highest quality standards and that the discerning customer will always say “it tastes great” every time!  By setting this very high standard, the company will always know that the product delivered exceeds the quality demanded by the world's leading retailers of gourmet consumer products.